Warehouse Workers In Canada

Warehouse Workers
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Warehouse Workers In Canada

Anticipated arrangement of duties Warehouse Workers

FedEx Ground invests huge energy in useful little group shipping, offering dependable business-to-business transport and supportive private organization. Our framework safely and produsctively moves countless packages each day utilizing the most perfect development in the business.

FedEx Ground Package Handlers burden and void orchestrated packages in a speedy-paced condition and assurance that FedEx Ground continues passing on groups to its customers on time and with thought.

FedEx Ground workplaces routinely have various sorts working each day in each region. In the midst of the sort, Package Handlers are accountable for the physical stacking, discharging or possibly organizing of groups by hand, including lifting, pushing, pulling, passing on and setting, in a secured and capable way.

Step by step practices consolidate assisting with stockroom exercises and performing entry-level circulation community and dock-related endeavours, stacking and discharging trucks, sending and getting, moving, dealing with and following groups and other material and assisting with transportation and dispersal errands

Position: Warehouse Workers

Required Number: 300 Persons

Work Location: Canada

Organization Name: FedEx Ground Warehouse

Work Requirements:


  • Guidance, Training, and Experience
  • Assessment 10 or Equivalent mix of planning, preparing, and Experience
  • Aptitudes and Abilities:
  • Capacity to oversee others effectively
  • Truly ability to finish the commitments of the position
  • Ability to sift through work
  • Ability to business-related rigging

Candidate Should Possess:

  • Capacity to work in 10 hours developments
  • Wonderful correspondence and social capacities
  • Wonderful participation attitude
  • The association will give stimulating focal points:
  • Sustenance and Accommodation: Provided by the association
  • Age: 20 – 48 Years Old
  • Transportation: Provided by the Company
  • Additional measures of time: Depend on Work Load

Keep the records arranged when you were applying as underneath;

Record Required/Needed

Latest CV/Resume/Bio Data

PDF File

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